I have dreamed a dream...

You saw it all clearly from the start.

You were going to build a super successful business, sell it, and live the life of your wildest dreams. 

And because you're used to achieving goals everyone else only aspires to, that's exactly what you did. 

And now you're facing something you didn't expect:

A post-exit life that doesn't look anything like what you imagined.

This is coupled with a feeling that you can't quite describe.

But now that dream is gone from me...

That's because the success you've been chasing is an illusion. 

A version of The Matrix.

Which is why we weren't surprised when Wells Fargo reported that

75% of business owners regret selling their business.

Or when Ric Edelman shared on the Dreamcatchers podcast how devastating "the pure void" can be for Newly Exited Operators (NEOs).

Want to avoid the 5 mistakes every founder makes when exiting?

Our white paper is your roadmap.

Most people aren't ready to be unplugged

Based on our years of coaching super successful clients and hearing so many NEOs describe a similar experience — what we call the Founders Exit Paradox — we’ve identified the 6 centers of doubt you’ll encounter as you begin to face your new post-success reality:

1. Self-image: Who am I now that I’ve “won the game”?

2. Relationships: Are the relationships in my circle of trust genuine?

3. Work: What does work mean now that I no longer own a business?

4. Health: Did I give away too many years of health and wellbeing to my business?

5. Prosperity: Is there a reason I shouldn't spend the hard-earned money I've earned?

6. Significance: Does my life really matter?

All I'm offering is the truth

Knowing these centers of doubt exist — and that they're "a natural part of the evolution," as Ric describes it — is key to overcoming the vulnerability and fear you're experiencing. 

That's why we developed the

I Took the Red Pill™ coaching program.

So you know you have the support you need to avoid feeling a sense of crisis at one of the most crucial points in your life — when the freedom you've been working toward is suddenly yours.

And you discover you don't feel fulfilled. Or know what's next.

Don't think you are, know you are

As someone who chased after the same illusion you did, I know how hard — and how humbling — it is to reach out for guidance.

But I don’t want you to feel as empty and lost as I did while I made the difficult journey from success to prosperity and fulfillment. 

When you’re ready to take the Red Pill, you should have a trusted guide. Someone who can relate to what you’re going through and talk in a language you understand. 

Don't let the Founders Exit Paradox keep you feeling empty and lost.

Take the Red Pill and discover what actually creates the ultimate success.

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